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We're excited to announce the launch of our new Publishing and Licensing website Please give us a visit!

Welcome to the world of Ketsa and his musical companions. The home of unique, emotive and original Creative Commons music, free to stream and download.

Here you will find music not only from Ketsa and his alter ego Shaolin Dub, but also from the producers Dlay and Soularflair. More artists to follow.

The music on this site is published under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Details for this license can be found here. Please do not use any music on this site without first contacting us for permission or to purchase a license. Visit our Licensing Ecommerce Site for more details.



Under the DOWNLOAD MUSIC title you will be able to stream and download all of our available music in MP3 format for free. Under the SEARCH PLAYLISTS section you will find more popular Ketsa tracks categorized into emotions, an easier way to find suitable music for projects. 

Ketsa music has been used by The National Geographic, The United Nations. Audi, a Volvo TV Advert, T3 Micro, Conran and Partners, fashion companies Arezzo and Riachuelo, WNYC Studios, Reveal News, StoryCorps, Human Nature Podcast, Criminal Podcast, Myths and Legends, StarTripper!! Virginia Humanities Foundation,,, The Conversation, local American and Canadian television, and many more film, podcast, universities, schools, news and photography companies. He also provides the soundtracks for some of Eric Landon, aka Tortus Copenhagen's Instagram pottery videos.

He works with many independent film makers as well as large advertising companies to help bring the most effective and original content through his individual sound.

He can craft bespoke music pieces precisely and expertly edited and synchronized to your video projects.

If you'd like to use Ketsa music in your project, please visit our new Licensing site or contact here

Keep checking Ketsa's FMA page for new music




Ketsa Promotional Video from Ketsa One on Vimeo.